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The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation was formed in memory of 11 year-old Ross K. MacNeill. He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2009 and passed away in 2013. Ross asked his mother, founder of the foundation, to "never let another child go through what I've gone through." Thus, the Ross K. MacNeill foundation was formed with its mission to end pediatric brain cancer. We are honored to be apart of such an inspiring foundation. Our team recently joined the R33M team. We are proud to work along side the foundation to execute their four main annual events: Winter TOUGH Tournament, Dodgeball Tournament, 3v3 TOUGH Tournament, and R33M Golf Classic. 

We can easily become apart of your organization's team and work along side you to help take the stress off of planning your organizations yearly events. We will also strategize with you about what other heights your organization can reach in terms of fundraising. You can see below what we do to assist the Ross K. MacNeill Foundation. 

  • The Ross K MacNeill Foundation Winter TOUGH Men's Pond Hockey Tournament

    In 2017, The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation executed their first annual Men's Pond Hockey Tournament. We are so glad we were able to work along side them to put their two year long dream into a reality. The outdoor tournament went off without a hitch! 19 teams with 140 players in total were in attendance for the first year. There was a guarantee of three game with the top two teams in each divison earning a spot in the championship game. The event wasn't just for the players! Specators were able to enjoy food and beverages, in addition to hockey, in the beer garden tent.

  • The Ross K MacNeill Foundation TOUGH Youth Hockey Tournament

    The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation has run a youth hockey tournament out of Center Ice of DuPage for the past three years. The tournament attracts 200 youth hockey players from the area. The players play three games on teams of seven to ten players. We are coming on this year to take their tournament to the next level. As we did for the Men's Tournament, we plan to take their tournament to the next level by enhancing their sponsorships' visability, running registration smoothly and efficently, and, most importantly, handling the stress of the day of management so they can enjoy their event/tournament.

  • R33M Golf Classic

    We are joining the Ross K. MacNeill team for their 3rd Annual Golf Classic. We will add our golf expertise and take their third year of the golf outing to the next level.

  • Dodgeball TOUGH Tournament 

    The foundation's annual dodgeball is getting a new look to it. The tournament is moving to a new home at the gym of Wheaton College. It will be played on six courts similtaneously. This one-day tournament is a great event for all ages to come out an support a great cause. Our Tailored Events team is bringing day of management to the event, as well as, new aspects, such as, celebrity appearances and sponsorship opportunity ideas.

  • More R33M Events

    In addition to The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation's four main annual events, we help out for other smaller events. R33M's is a partner with Kendra Scott and we will host an event either at the Kendra Scott store or in another location and sell their products with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity. Another is Hats for Lurie that Ross's sister Rachel started where ever brain tumor patient recieves a TOUGH Hat and Lego on chrismas morning. A few other notable events are 5 Years TOUGH at the Glenn Oak Country Club, Hockey Fights Cancer Chicago Blackhawks game, and Run. Row. Ross Orangetheory Fitness event. 

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